Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here's Leona and Chuck at the beautiful neighborhood pool. They love it here!
Today we had to take a break from travel so we enjoyed the sunny 80 degree weather by going for a walk, swimming and sitting outside all day. We played cards outside on the patio table but Ron and Chuck just can't win gracefully. They danced around the patio table when they beat us at cards again! I think they must cheat! They aren't very good really.

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Dave Lewis said...

Glad to see everyone having a great time while those of us in Tennessee put up with 30 degree heat waves. Its great to see my Dad and 2 of my favorite Aunts having a great time together. Uncle Ron and Aunt Carlene - If you decide to stay in Pheonix until February come watch me in the USBC National Bowling Championships. Have a great vacation!!!! Dave