Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Home-We're in!

White Mountain Hike-Grand Hikers Club

Here's that safari hiker, Ron, in the middle.

Hi Everyone!
It's been a while, because of moving into our new home. We are in Sun City Grand in Surprise, AZ. Our home is perfect for us and there are so many things to do that my body is definitely complaining about the inactivity for years in MI. The people here are more our age and definitly fitter. So, I have to work to keep up.
I feel like I am at summer camp. Ron and I are in the tennis club. I'm also taking lessons so as to not embarrass myself too much. We have been going to the fitness club-extremely nice and well equipped, and the pools. I went to Jazzercise yesterday and will have to work my way into this too but it is so fun. Today we joined the hiking club and went into the White Tank Mountains. It was just right for me. Met some great fun people. The pictures on top are from that hike.
Well, talk later. Need to rest! Ha!

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