Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hiking Trip to Sedona with Eric and Jami

This is our wonderful Jami, Eric and their sweet adorable dog, Bethany.
Bethany is quite shy but warms up to you and loves her belly rubbed!
We had a great picnic and then Jami and Eric had to leave us to drive back to Albuquerque. Then of course, Ron started to show off! This is Ron, saying that he is so strong and brave that he could climb this yucca plant!
But, then we saw Bell Rock and of course had to climb it!
The arrows show how far we got. Ron was braver than me or maybe not as smart!
This is an actual picture of him that I took from where I stopped climbing.
He is way up there!

But, it was worth the breathtaking view! Whoa!

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