Thursday, November 29, 2007

Are we there yet?

Getting back to AZ was not an easy task. Carly was ready the first of September but of course, the body did not cooperate. She needed that old knee operation and then the follow up doctor visits. Anyway, they actually started back a month later. Then we piled the van to the ceiling, loaded in Jack and Pinhead and Ron even started singing "On the Road..." but no, the battery was dead. The next day wasn't much better with starting again. But, finally the song could be sung.

This is a picture in Albilene, TX and a flat tire at the rest area. Unpack and fix the flat (Carly of course watched) and we're off again. This time we made it to Albuquerque. Turns out that Eric and Jamie's new dog didn't think Jack could hold his own and bit his ear and face. Poor Jack.
Now, the next day, we are back. What a relief, the AZ warmth and sun...swimming pools, movie stars - well maybe not movie stars but we're back and glad for it.

Ron returns to MI next week to get the other car...and the fun starts again!

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