Friday, November 17, 2006

Back to the Mountains...but through the desert!

Today we went north of Phoenix again to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon near Flagstaff. On the way, we saw lots of tall cacti and we imagined all sorts of things in them, like you do when you look at clouds. You don't want to know what Ron saw. The canyon was beautiful with red cliffs, a river running through it and lots of very narrow places (side of the cliff type) to park to take pictures.
By the way, I talked to my Mi sister, Leona today and she said that she hasn't seen the sun in 5 days. I told Ron and he said "my heart goes out to them" as he laughed uncontrollably.

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Anonymous said...

The cacti are awesome,is that ruins in the background.It has snow ,rained,sun peek out and been very couldywith a chill in the air and that is just TODAY (Sat).Kayakjack