Friday, November 10, 2006

Tennis, anyone?

We have moved into our new digs and are pleased as punch. The weather is absolutely beautiful with sunshine every day. We played tennis this morning and got beat by some old people but they were sneaky! Tonight we go to the neighborhood pool party and tomorrow we're off to Preston and Sedona to enjoy the cool mountains. We'll just have to miss the tennis party-whoa-way lots to do!
This morning on the way back from tennis we saw 5 coyotes together on the golf course, just enjoying the shade of the trees and wandering around the golfers. What a surprise! Ron says they are urban coyotes. That's what you see in the picture. On top of all that, we saw two monarchs already. This place is amazing!

I have been continuing learning on the computer-learning how to use a free video phone through skype. (PC World Article with resources:,123758-page,1/article.html and download skype here: Free calls anywhere on your computer and just pick up a cheap computer camera and you're all set! You can make an interesting character talk instead of you-check out this free download:,crid=2354&categoryid=446
You need the right camera but there's one on the list for $79 which is pretty reasonable.

Well, enough computer stuff...we're off to something new!

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