Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Native American Art from Sky City!

This is a link to Sky City information:

Salina Sanchez made these pots. She learned the art from her mother in law. Here is some of our art that we acquired at the Sky City Cultural Center. It is hand made from clay in this area and painted by the Acoma. They use yucca branches that are chewed very small to make brushes to paint the fine lines.

These are zuni carvings. Each fetish is believed to have a spirit within.
Here is a link with info on the background of the fetishes.

This is a storyteller. It was not made by native americans but was made by a local potter.
It reminds me of my love of storytelling and all the children I have taught.

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Linda said...

I hope you got her!!She's beautiful. these pieces should be in a museum. What talent.